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Pet Sematary

AKA: Stephen King's Pet Sematary

Country: USA

Genre: Horror, Supernatural



The Creed family - Louis, Rachel, and their children Ellie and Gage (Miko Hughes) - move to a new house in the countryside. Their house is perfect, except for the mysterious pet cemetery (misspelled 'sematary' in the film) in the woods behind the house. When Ellie's cat, Church, is run down on the highway, Jud, Louis' neighbour, tells Louis to bury the cat in an Indian burial ground in the woods just beyond the cemetery. The next day a reanimated Church returns to the house, a shell of what he was before; he stinks, moves sluggishly, and is vicious towards Louis. When, sometime later, Louis' son Gage is killed by a truck, Louis is so devastated that he decides to attempt to reanimate him in the same way he reanimated the cat. Dear me, this really isn't going to turn out well, is it?...


  • Based on the 1983 novel of the same name by American author Stephen King (b. 1947), who has a cameo in the film as a church minister.

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  • Dale Midkiff
    (Louis Creed)
  • Fred Gwynne
    (Jud Crandall)
  • Denise Crosby
    (Rachel Creed)
  • Miko Hughes
    (Gage Creed)
  • Matthew August Ferrell
    (Jud as a Child)
  • Blaze Berdahl
    (Ellie Creed)
  • Stephen King

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