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Short Film

Country: UK

Genre: Historical Drama, Short



Gloucestershire, England, 1796. A poor landless laborer is offered work - but must first let his 8-year-old son be used in a potentially lethal medical experiment, to test the world's first smallpox vaccine.


  • Based on a true story. James Phipps (1788-1853), the son of a poor landless labourer, was the first person to be vaccinated by Edward Jenner. On 14 May 1796, Jenner cut into the skin of the 8-year-old boy and infected him with matter from a cowpox sore. Over the following days, James developed a fever, but soon became well again. When Jenner then injected the boy with the more dangerous smallpox, James remained healthy. Two other children who shared a bed with James did not catch smallpox from him either. Encouraged by his success, Jenner went on to test his method on various people over the following two years. Two centuries later, and smallpox had been completely wiped out worldwide.

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  • Jack Hollington
  • Morgan Watkins
  • Robert Cavanah
  • Anna Koval
  • Cordelia Levinson

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