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Nine Meals from Chaos

Country: Argentina

Genre: Drama



Eight years after cataclysm and disease have ravaged the human race - leaving just one in ten humans surviving - all social structures have crumbled like castles in the sand. Too few still live for anything to have been reconstructed. All remaining animals have been consumed, and no sowing has yet been possible. It is Man at his most basic, destitute level. Two groups inhabit the desolate and abandoned land: packs of orphaned children in a feral state, living a nomadic life-style for their own safety, and adults (with their offspring), barely surviving any better by living off their meat. It is a war only the most desperate of the two will win...


  • The eighth film to be written and directed by Iván Noel
  • Winner of the award for 'Feature Film Best in Festival' at the 2018 Liverpool International Film Festival
  • In the filmography to the left the entries down to Ismael Flores Stampone are all child actors (boys indicated by bold type). The remaining entries in the list are for adult roles.


Picture for Nine Meals from Chaos


  • Thiago Stampone
  • Ismael Stampone
  • Zoe Pilar Osan
  • Rodrigo Gonzales Bozzeto
  • Tatiana Gonzales Bozzeto
  • Santuli Perez Ezequiel
  • Franco Perez Ezequiel
  • Carlos Sebastian Castro
  • Facundo Noceti Cordoba
  • Franco Montenegro
  • Eduardo Varela
  • Tatiana Varela
  • Joaquin Nicolas Contrera
  • Lautaro Agustin Perez
  • Mateo Ligorria
  • Martina Abril Mondino
  • Ismael Flores Stampone
  • Viviana Cecilia Lopez
  • Esteban Ocampo
  • Oscar Mira
  • Rosana Rossotti
  • Felipe Montenegro
  • Ema Montenegro
  • Emanuel Renzini

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A sublime film displaying Iván Noel's unique and characteristic cinematic and philosophical vision. I think Iván Noel is the greatest filmmaker of our time.

Must Watch My Movie Rating: Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star 10 / 10
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