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Our Gang Follies of 1938

Short Film

AKA: Follies of 1938

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy, Short



An ingenious spoof of MGM's "The Broadway Melody of 1938" (1937), and other popular movie musicals of the time. Alfalfa, the 'King of Crooners', decides that he is destined for better things, and quits Spanky's popular music revue to become an opera singer. Falling asleep, he dreams of his stardom in twenty years time - but in his dream he becomes a washout, reduced to singing in the streets, with a tin cup to collect change from passers-by, whereas Spanky has become the owner of the fashionable 'Club Spanky' nightclub. Waking up to find Spanky begging him to join in the last act of his show, Alfalfa, needing no further convincing, rushes onstage to sing Bing Crosby's "Learn to Croon".


  • The 161st 'Our Gang' to be released
  • Later reissued as simply "Follies of 1938"
Picture for Our Gang Follies of 1938


  • Carl Switzer
  • George McFarland
  • Eugene Lee
  • Darla Hood
  • Billie Thomas
  • Dickie Jones
    (Dickie, Curtain Operator - uncredited)
  • Tommy McFarland
    (Tommy - uncredited)
  • Harold Switzer
    (Harold, Farm Boy - uncredited)
  • Darwood Kaye
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Kenneth Wilson
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Tommy Ryan
    (Boy in Love Bug Singing Act)
  • Joe Geil
    (Corky - uncredited)
  • Charles Flickinger
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Bill Cody Jr.
    (Waiter - uncredited)
  • John Collum
    (Boy at Club Spanky - uncredited)
  • Paul Hilton
    (Boy Sitting at Table - uncredited)
  • Bobs Watson
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Daniel Boone
    (Boy on Balcony - uncredited)
  • Bobby Crockett
    (Boy Wearing Kilt)
  • Dix Davis
    (Boy Sitting at Table - uncredited)
  • Tim Davis
    (Boy Sitting at Table - uncredited)
  • Billy Diamond
    (Boy Fan of Alfalfa - uncredited)
  • Barry Downing
    (Boy on Balcony - uncredited)
  • David Freeman
    (Conductor - uncredited)
  • Cordell Hickman
    (Musician in Buckwheat's Band - uncredited)
  • Don Hulbert
    (Boy Dancer - uncredited)
  • Philip Hurlic
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Payne B. Johnson
    (Boy in Band - uncredited)
  • Henry Lee
    (Spike, Farm Boy - uncredited)
  • Sherrill Luke
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Roger McGee
    (Waiter/Announcer - uncredited)
  • Billy Mindy
    (Chauffeur - uncredited)
  • Raymond Rayhill Powell
    (Boy Sitting at Table - uncredited)
  • Norman Salling
    (Boy Sitting at Table - uncredited)
  • Clifford Severn
    (Waiter - uncredited)
  • Jimmy Sommerville
    (Blond Boy on Balcony - uncredited)
  • Tom Braunger
    (Boy - uncredited)
  • Robert Winkler
    (Boy Carrying Sign at Beginning)
  • Henry Brandon
    (Barnaby, Opera Impressario - uncredited)
  • Wilma Cox
    (Miss Jones, Stenographer - uncredited)

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One of my all-time favourite Our Gangs.

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